Larry Connors Presents The 4 Keys To
Swing Trading and Risk Management

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Fall 2011 Swing Trading College

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The catch is this course is meant for serious traders. To qualify for this course you need to have a trading account of $100,000 or more because of the multi-strategy trading methodology that is taught. Class size will be limited to 100, so sign up today for only $1!

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About the Fall 2011 Swing Trading College:

Interact with other highly qualified traders during this 10-week course as you learn how to turn your trading into a real business, discover proven entry and exit signals, make live trades as a class, learn important portfolio management techniques, and more...

Build your own trading business: The Swing Trading College will teach you how to trade like a top tier professional. You'll learn how to manage a portfolio of strategies that can protect and grow your wealth in up markets, down markets, or sideways markets. Learn how to turn your trading into a true business. Whether you trade part-time or full-time, the right business plan could help you become a more profitable trader!

Learning successful trading strategies and risk management techniques is the key to profitable trading. Turn your trading into a true business with quantified strategies and proven methods.

For the first time ever, the Fall 2011 Swing Trading College class will learn how to manage risk using data and how to properly hedge a portfolio.

Hedging is a technique used by professionals to create "market neutral" portfolios. Hedging can greatly reduce your market-related risk and is especially useful in market environments like we are currently experiencing.

Below is a brief course outline:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7 - 10:

Watch Larry Connors trade a live $100k account! Larry will spend 4 weeks trading with the class. The profits will be given to a charity that the class chooses.

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This course is now in its 6th year and has successfully trained almost 1000 traders!

Here's What Past Attendees Had to Say About TradingMarkets Swing Trading College (STC):

... the STC material has already paid for my tuition. The new TPS strategy alone is worth the price of the entire course
- Jack B.
I have read all of Larry's previous books so understood the basic concepts, and have used some of them in my trading over the years, but the course taught me how to put it all together in a systematic way.
- Gordon B
This is a great class worth a lot more than the cost of tuition. It gives you a comprehensive plan for becoming a successful trader in today's market. The lessons taught are not overly complicated or difficult to implement. I used to think I knew how to trade but this information has completely changed the way I look at the markets for the better.
- Steve
With the strategies I learned in the first two weeks of Swing Trading College, I was able to earn enough money trading, to pay for the whole program before the third class.
- William K, Phoenix, MD
I would rank the course a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I give the course this rating because of the course's quantitative approach to investing in the stock market. Nothing is left to chance.

I have been trading for 25 years. I would refer this course to friends
- MC
I have been trading literally for decades and since I view it as a profession, I am committed to education. I can safely say that the STC course is by far the best course that I have ever attended in terms of providing a solid, fundamental basis for trading with a multitude of strategies each robust and with excellent statistics.

This course has benefited my trading by not only providing excellent strategies, but also extending the benefit to portfolio management.

I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about trading.
- Dieter van Es
I what I have learned from your books and 'Swing Trading' course has completely changed my trading and as a result my life!

Attached find a picture of a boat that I recently purchased with profits made from trading as you teach, thoroughly enjoyed the course. I wanted to call the boat TPS 2-3-5 but my daughters vote won in the end and she is called 'Katara'.
- Mark Becker
South Africa
I'll take the course over and over again. It's a constant mentoring source which works and is cheap at the cost.
- James S.

Do you work late or have a busy schedule? Every class is recorded for you to watch at your leisure. With the recordings, you'll even be able to see questions asked by your peers during class, which can really enhance the learning experience.

The Fall 2011 Swing Trading College begins on Tuesday, September 6.

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